iBuyPower Mechanical Keyboard Review

A gamer’s one true desire is to experience a game in the best possible manner. The type of hardware used is significant for providing that experience. The keyboard is one of the most critical devices as through this device, the gamer will be able to control his character. The must-haves for a keyboard are all present in the one and only iBuyPower Mechanical Keyboard, which ensures that every gamer gets the experience they deserve. Packed with a bunch of features, this keyboard is one of the best pieces available in the market.

Design and Features

Beginning the iBuyPower Mechanical Keyboard review, this keyboard is one of the best you will find that comes with LED lighting which allows you to view the keys in darkness. The color of these LED lights is red, and even though it is the default color, you can change the brightness levels of the lights according to your requirements. The keyboard also comes with macro functions that allow the operation of HERA software. You can also store your profile into the keyboard. It also has a 21-key rollover that ensures every key that you strike gets the functions translated into the game that you are choosing.

A brilliant keyboard for gaming, it also has mechanical switches that are backlit, which allows users to perform fantastically during a game. The build of the keyboard is such that gamers can easily access the mechanical switch buttons that are backlit and red. Media controls are also present on the keyboard, which allows you to simply stop, skip, pause or play your music. These buttons are also easily reachable so that the process does not cause disruptions to your game.

An added advantage is the key removal tool provided along with the keyboard. This tool allows you to take out the keys, which makes for easier cleaning. It also comes with braided cables that ensure the wires do not tangle and can be stored easily when required.

Performance and Quality

The keyboard is built from a durable and reliable material that ensures it does not break under pressure. It will also last for a long time. The keyboard gives excellent performance and is an ideal piece of hardware for players. The keys are soft, which means that there will not be any issues when tapping them and neither will they make any noise. The overall quality and performance of the keyboard are top notch, and it has been reviewed as an ideal product to purchase. It has also gotten a lot of positive customer feedback.


  • Comes with LED lit keys
  • The brightness level of the keyboard can be adjusted
  • Comes with a 21-key rollover
  • You get a key removal tool with it as well
  • The keys are soft to press, which allows for rapid typing without making noise
  • Media controls on the keyboard


  • You cannot change the color of the LED
  • The wire length can seem a little short